Internship Applications

megaphone Our trainee candidates who are entitled to take the exam have been informed by e-mail accordingly.

Summer Internship Applications

Our summer internship application process for 2019 has finalized. Students interested in the 2020 internship application process are kindly requested to read the following criteria and application process carefully:

We have many engineers and technicians that have performed their internship in our company and continue to work full time with us after graduating. Our company does not look to summer internships as an item to be crossed off a university student's checklist, but rather as a process that enables theoretical knowledge and latent talent to be realized and ultimately integrated into a product. For this reason, candidates who apply for internships are examined meticulously, and we select those who prefer to spend their summer vacation learning by working in an intensive engineering environment.

Basic qualifications required for internship applicants include:

- Believing in the importance of developing a technology that is critical for Turkey, such as unmanned aerial vehicles

- Enthusiasm to work in the cutting edge within the field of aviation

- Willing to demonstrate determination, effort and sacrifice for the success of the projects carried out

- Available to work with an intense work schedule

Application Process:

The internship period of our company is a minimum of 7 weeks. It is preferred if the internship candidates carry out their graduation projects on a subject parallel to the work they carry out during the internship period.

Information required for application:

Personal information or CV


Detailed cover letter regarding the fields of study, career goals and dreams

Place of residence for applicants from outside of Istanbul during the internship period

After the applications are evaluated by our R&D team, the candidates who are found suitable will be contacted and interviewed. Internship invitation letters will be sent to the applicants who are eligible for an internship.

2021 Internship Calendar

Application Reception and Evaluation January 20 - June 13, 2020
Examination Invitation June 15 - June 17, 2020
Examination and Interview June 20 - June 28, 2020
Notification of Results June 29 - July 5, 2020
1. Internship Period July 13 - August 15, 2020
2. Internship Period August 17 - September 12, 2020