About The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

I would like to speak to you at a time of unprecedented global difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has posed tremendous challenges for all of us. Like you, we see ourselves as a company with a responsibility to do everything possible to safeguard your health as well as that of our employees, as we continue to do our best to meet the expectations of our customers and our partners for service. For these reasons, we have implemented many measures across our company that we wish to make you aware of:

More than 3 weeks ago, home office workplaces were established for as many of our associates as possible - engineering, project management, sales, marketing, finance and staff functions. Despite this logistical change, your contact personnel are still available to you via phone, email or video conferencing software.

Our routines have been adjusted in all our production and flight operation locations so that the working employees are safeguarded with protective materials, additional washing and rest times in conjunction to social distancing.

Leading edge technology is the backbone of Baykar's business. To support the health Authorities and to assist our citizens we shifted key engineers to help develop respiratory equipment. In conjunction with other Turkish Industrial companies we are well on our way to produce respiratory ventilators in our facilities. This emergency team, which we create with the participation of 100 young engineers, have developed the prototypes that are now entering mass production.

We wish you, your family and your team much good health in the days and weeks ahead. If there is anything I can do to personally assist you or your colleagues in this difficult time please do not hesitate to contact me.

Haluk Bayraktar
General Manager, Baykar

24 April 2020 - 11:27