Cezerı, Turkey's fırst flyıng car debuts at Teknofest

21 September 2019 - 10:32

Turkey's first flying car, Cezeri became the most notable product at this year's Teknofest, the country's top aerospace and technology festival visited by nearly 2 million people from Sept. 17-22.

A team of 50 engineers at Cezeri Robot, a concern of Baykar Group, under the guidance of Baykar's Technical Manager and Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar developed the flying car. Cezeri stood caught the imagination of the visitors throughout the event. Project manager at Cezeri Robot, Ozan Yağcı became a prominent name at this year's Teknofest, thanks to their product.

"Members of the International Vertical Flight Society are now curious about our prototype. They want to know what kind of vehicle it is," Yağcı shared his enthusiasm while introducing Turkey's first national flying vehicle to the visitors throughout the four-day festival.

Cezeri Robot, named after the 12th-century Muslim inventor Ismail al-Jazari (Cezeri in Turkish), has been involved in hundreds of projects, including the giant air-land transport brands such as Boeing, Bell, Rolls-Royce, the leading names of ride-sharing such as Uber, and cargo companies like Amazon due to its unmanned aerial vehicle-based technology.