Life at Baykar

We want smiles to never fade on the faces of our workmates.

That is why we organize our facilities in a way that allows our co-workers to spend their free time peacefully and to socialize.

We created Baykar Park at Baykar National Armed/UAV R&D and Production Facilities, which is the main campus of the Baykar company, a developer and manufacturer of Turkey's high-tech unmanned systems, to provide an environment where our employees can relax in their spare time and be alone with nature.

Built on an area of approximately 22.000 m², Baykar Park includes a mini football field, a basketball court and a multi-purpose field that serves both for playing tennis and volleyball, as well as a jogging track of 1319 m², a walking track of 1789 m², a tartan jogging track of 285 m², sports and children's playground of 191 m² and a dressing room for 12 people, and serves our employees and their esteemed families.

Baykar Park has 16.000 m² of green area and 375 m² of sitting area, as well as cafeterias making it possible for our workmates to take a snack break whenever they want.

Our fitness center that is put in use at our facility is meant to satisfy the needs of all our employees for a healthy life.

In our new R&D building, which is currently under construction, there will be a SPA, fitness center, gym, cafeterias, mini cinema and lodgings that will provide their services to our employees. SPA center includes 2 indoor pools, 2 Turkish baths, 1 jacuzzi and relaxation areas. There are also pilates and spinning studios in the fitness center. The rest areas, located one on each floor, are designed to meet both needs in kitchen and needs in having rest of our staff during their breaks.

The accommodation area of our R&D facility, consisting of 45 rooms, will meet the daily accommodation needs of our employees and guests. There will be billiards, hockey, table tennis and foosball in the games room, designed for our staff to have fun during breaks. Moreover, a kindergarten for the children of our employees will also be there in our facilities.

As BAYKAR, a developer and manufacturer of Turkey's high-tech unmanned systems, we always support a happier and more peaceful working environment.

BAYKAR is beautiful with you…