Drone maker Baykar, others start tablet campaign for remote education in Turkey

Turkey’s leading drone producer, Baykar, has announced it will donate 5,000 tablet computers to help meet students' remote education needs in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Baykar General Manager Selçuk Bayraktar – who also heads a technology charity – said Sunday they have also requested contributions from other companies in the field.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) joined the campaign Monday, with a donation of 5,000 tablet computers.

Bayraktar, one of the organizers of Teknofest, a festival that allows young tech entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase their skills, said in a video message that Turkey's "children and young people can achieve a lot if given opportunities."

"We decided to give away tablets to help those hidden gems, to help advance their education," he said.

Turkey turned to remote education as the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of schools last March. With the help of the Education Information Network (EBA), however, the government managed to continue classes online.

Remote education resumed after the summer holiday on Aug. 31, but challenges persist for students without TV, computer, or internet access.

Several campaigns have already been launched to keep students connected. For its part, the National Education Ministry has set up EBA Support Points furnished with computers and internet access, offering live classes for students without a computer or connection at home.

Source: Daily Sabah