12-meter wingspan
24-hours endurance time
Domestic Ammunition MAM-L and MAM-C
135 knot maximum speed
150 kilometers communication range

Record Altitude 27,030 feet

General Information

The Bayraktar TB2 is a Tactical Armed / UAV System, developed and manufactured by Baykar. A highly sophisticated design that provides all solutions that operator may need in one integrated system. The system consists of Bayraktar TB2 Armed / UAV Platform, Ground Control Station, Ground Data Terminal, Remote Display Terminal, Advanced Base with Generator and Trailer modules. Thanks to Baykar's technological accumulation and capabilities, the entire system is produced indigenously.


Bayraktar TB2 is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable to conduct Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and armed attacks missions. An onboard avionic suite with a triple redundant avionic system encompasses units enabling a fully autonomous taxiing, take-off, landing and cruise. TB2 has proven its efficacy with over 110,000 of operational flight hours. Since 2014, it keeps carrying out missions successfully within the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie and the Turkish National Police. Currently, 86 armed Bayraktar platform are employed serving Turkey. Bayraktar TB2 holds the record of the Turkish aviation history for endurance with (27 Hours 3 Minutes) and for altitude with (27.030 feet). Bayraktar TB2 is also the first-ever aircraft in its category to be exported abroad.

Basic flight performance criteria
  • 24,000 Feet Operational Altitude
  • 24 Hours remaining airborne time
  • 150 Km Communication Range
  • Fully Automatic Flight Control with Triple Redundant Autopilot System
  • Independently of ground systems, fully Autonomous landing and take-off capability
  • Independently of GPS, Navigation capability based on Multi-sensor fusion architecture
Advanced Features
  • Fully Automatic Navigation and Route Tracking Feature
  • Based on Multi-sensor fusion Automatic delicate Take-off and Landing capability
  • Fully Automatic Taxiing and Parking
  • Semi-Autonomous Flight Mode Support
  • Authentic Redundant Lithium-Based Battery Units
  • Fault Tolerant and 3 Redundant Sensor Fusion Application
  • Cross Redundant GCS System
  • Authentic Redundant Servo Actuator Units

Technicial Specifications

  • Communication Range 150 km
  • Take-off and Landing Runway (Automatic)
  • Cruising Speed 70 knots
  • Max Takeoff Weight 630 kg
  • Operational Altitude 27,030
  • Endurance Time 24 hours
  • Payload Capacity 55 kg
  • Wingspan 12 m
  • Fuel Capacity / Type 300 Liters / Gasoline
  • Length 6.5 m
  • Thrust Type 100 Hp Internal Combustion
    Injection Engine

The integration of the Indigenous munition “Roketsan MAM-L and MAM-C” and the capacity to fulfill successfully Intelligence, persistent aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, made from the system a primary platform in operations. The Armed UAV Bayraktar TB2 is a multi-purpose platform as it can perform Target Acquisition using the onboard laser pointer it is also capable to eliminate it using its payload consisting of four smart munitions. Bayraktar TB2 is a system that offers all cutting-edge solutions required to carry out surgical-precision strikes preventing the widespread damage to close areas. These features ensure civilian security as a first-order priority.


BBaykar Real Time Imagery Transmission System (BGAM) provides real-time image transmission and processing solutions to the defense industry. BGAM allows high-resolution, non-delay live broadcasts to be monitored by multiple users at the same time. BGAM is a web-based application that allows users to watch live broadcasts securely on the network or on tablets using the mobile application via internet.

The system stores automatically all transmitted imagery into files of 30-minutes. While monitoring live imagery, users can take multi-tag notes on the system. Saved tags and labels will facilitate, at a later date, the search through archive videos. In a similar way, based on these notes, a mission log can be created and then exported. Archived files can be filtered by date and by metadata.

For security reasons, the system regenerates automatically temporary passwords to secure access to live transmitted and archived imagery. The user name or device information watermark appears on all live and archived video files.

Optionally, an embedded software can be integrated to the Imagery Transmission System allowing live transmission to mobile devices operating Windows. The data transfer from highly secured network to mobile devices is secured by Adopting end-to-end encryption method (also called data diode model).

From Prototype to Reality

Öncesi Sonrası
Ground Control Station
  • NATO ACE-III features shelter
  • Wireless Systems
  • Internal Intercom Systems
  • Adjustable Tower Working Speed
  • Pilot Console
  • Useful Payload Console
  • Image Processing Console
  • Rack Type Cabines
  • Power Systems, Filters
  • Power Supply Units
  • Two Military Type Air Conditioners
  • NBC Filtering System


Baykar Mobile Ground Control Station (Mobile GCS), ensure the remote control of the Bayraktar TB2 platform away from the central command centers, rather from advanced bases. The powerful communication antennas of the Mobile GCS expand the mission range by allowing Bayraktar TB2 UAVs to take off and land to/from their current locations.

Consistent to NATO ACE III shelter standards, the mobile GCS encompasses a hydraulic driven aerial platform that can be raised up to 12m, automatic oriented antenna systems and a powerful truck providing mobility to all these components with hydraulic outriggers. The Mobile GCS is Baykar’s own design. It is equipped with cutting-edge sensors and control valves allowing it to be set up safely in a short period of time.